Weekly News 28th August 2016/ "Thank God Its Monday"


‘THANK GOD ITS MONDAY’ As the Summer Break draws to an end and we return to our usual work routines, this is our teaching series for the Autumn. We’ll be exploring how to understand our work and our approach to some of the challenges and opportunities that our daily activities throw up.

Here are the subjects we’ll be covering:

  • God is for life, not just for Sundays;
  • A Theology of Work;
  • Psalms, Hymns and Nappy Changing;
  • The Business of Busyness
  • How do you gain the whole world, WITHOUT losing your soul;
  • Money, Mammon & Me;
  • Go, and make Disciples.

The series will begin on 11 September. We hope that whatever the nature of your ‘work’ – paid, voluntary, at home, in retirement, etc – there is plenty of room for God to speak into the things you spend a lot of time doing.

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