Weekly News 21st August 2016/ Exam Results


EXAM RESULTS This week some of our young people will have received the verdict on their efforts from a couple of months ago, and a whole lot more will be waiting on results this coming Thursday.

The stress often experienced at exam time is typically mirrored by the tension of waiting for the examiners’ judgement. In many respects, it’s a natural anxiety to experience. For some, it’s about hoping that all the effort ploughed in has been rewarded – ‘well done, my good and faithful servant’. For others, it can be more of a case of hoping that work done half-heartedly won’t be too painfully exposed.

What is more sinister is when results feed the pressure to measure ourselves against our friends, prove ourselves to our parents, or simply shape our very identity.

We all hope our young people ‘do well’. But more than that, we hope that they know that their value to us is not defined by what grades they secure; even less so the value that God places on them - whose love relentlessly runs toward them irrespective of anything they have done.

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