Weekly News 4th September 2016/ Let's Pray


LET’S PRAY ‘Most of my struggles in the Christian life circle around the same two themes: why God doesn’t act the way we want God to, and why I don’t act the way God wants me to. Prayer is the precise point where those themes converge.’

Philip Yancey

It’s easier to talk about the importance of prayer than it is to cultivate a vibrant prayer life. We are aware that our Sunday night prayer meetings have recently been rather sporadic, so we are introducing a new regular time to get together and pray - the 1st Sunday of each month at 6:30pm, in church. We will produce a programme for the term, which will outline the topics for prayer (coming shortly), and these will be highlighted on the website and News Sheet for the remainder of the month for on-going prayer fuel.

This Sunday (4th) we’re going to pray for:

  • People’s working lives (in anticipation of the new Sermon Series);
  • The sale of the All Saints Site & the possibility of a premises for us.See you there and we can grow our prayer lives together!

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