Weekly News 24th April 2016/ Slavic Visit


SLAVIC VISIT Today we’ll hear testimony from Milly Johnson about the way God revealed Himself to her, as well as some of the work to which she has been drawn since becoming a Christian.

It won’t be any great surprise to discover that Link to Hope forms part of her story of God’s goodness. One of the people connected with that organization is Slavic, a pastor from Moldova. It doesn’t quite seem possible that it was over 2 years since Slavic’s last visit, but we’re pleased to confirm that he’s coming over for another trip and will be joining us in May.

Slavic is going to preach at our 10am service on the 8 May, so ring that Sunday in your diary. There will also be a more informal opportunity to soak up some of his passion on Monday 9 May @ 8pm at Holmshaw Farm, together with some tea and cake.

If you would like to come along, please let Milly know so she has an idea on numbers.

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