Weekly News 1st May 2016/ Ascension Day


ASCENSION DAY This week marks ‘Ascension Day’, or as many evangelicals know it ‘Thursday’. It doesn’t feature significantly in our tradition and this isn’t a rallying cry to have a special day to commemorate Christ’s ascent into heaven. However, you could do worse than spend some time this week dwelling on the significance of the ascension in our understanding of God. Here are just a few things you might want to ponder and give thanks for:

  • Jesus’ ascension establishes his Kingdom. The bible pictures Jesus as arriving in heaven and sitting down at the Father’s right hand – his rule has begun.
  • Christ’s ascension ensures we have an advocate with the Father, pleading our case– our own prayer partner in heaven.
  • Christ’s flesh in heaven is a guarantee that ours will be there too someday, not a disembodied soul, but real resurrected bodies in God’s presence;
  • Jesus’ departure heralds the arrival of the Helper – God’s Spirit. Happy Ascension Day one and all.


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