Weekly News 17th April 2016/ APCM Update


APCM UPDATE For those of you receiving the News Sheet electronically, don’t forget we have our annual meeting after the 10:00am service this Sunday.

We’ll aim to start at about 11:30am.

We will be working on the assumption that people have read the reports in advance to streamline the meeting. You can find the reports themselves on our website under the ‘News & Events’ section. We experienced some delay in receiving the financial reports back from the Independent Examiner, but they will also be posted on the website (there will be some hard copies to hand at church) and our Treasurer, Christine Blackburn, will produce an easier-to-digest summary for us at the APCM.

If any questions crop up as you read through the reports, you can raise them at the meeting itself, or send them to Jon (jjhward@btinternet.com) in advance. If you get them to him by 8pm Saturday evening, he will ensure they are addressed at the meeting.

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