Weekly News 13th December 2015/ Glory to God


GLORY TO GOD If you were in church last week you would have been in Nick’s “choir of angels.” If you were not here then ask someone who was here to explain. Or listen in to the talk on the web site.

Nick says that he was really surprised, and pleased, at the number of people who said how much they enjoyed singing the words of the angels to the shepherds.

In case you may be wondering, it was not plainsong! Nor was it a high church responsorial anthem! It is called the “Peruvian Gloria” and it is a simple setting of a Gloria put to music by a church in Peru. Nick first heard it at his ordination service in Rochester Cathedral.

Some of us may have noticed this week that the tune sort of sticks in our mind. As we go over it in our heads we are actually continuing to praise God. Whether we sing it or say it let’s praise God as we continue to prepare for Christmas

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to the Father (repeat)

          To God be Glory forever (r)

          Alleluia Amen, Alleluia Amen, Alleluia Amen.

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