Weekly News 20th December 2015/ SJ's Steeped in Prayer


SJ’s STEEPED IN PRAYER The finishing line, in one sense, is now in sight - we heard from the planning department this week that they are looking favorably on our application and they are just waiting to hear from TFL before approval can be granted.

In another sense, the end of the refurbishment signals the start of something…something which we hope will be more than just a nice redecorating job. It would be very easy for us to rush headlong a full schedule of activities at SJ’s, and then ask God to bless what we’ve decided to undertake. Rather, we want to continue to commit the place and its possible uses to prayer, and seek God’s direction. The team are thinking about ways in which we can all get a feel for the place when it opens, and pray there in groups.

We will start slowly.

And we’ll move when God shows us.

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