Weekly News 6th December 2015/ The Challenge of the Shepherds


THE CHALLENGE OF THE SHEPHERDS The shepherds were minding their own business on the hillside when an angel told them about the birth of Jesus, come to be the saviour of the world.

The story prompts some challenging questions. Try them over a family meal, a coffee or a beer with a friend, or in your church Home Groups. See how far you get.

1.     In what way do you feel the world still needs saving today?

2.      How do you think you would react if an angel appeared to you and told you that God was coming as a human to sort out the mess in our world?  Why did you answer that way?

3.     Consider the statement “Jesus came for everyone.”

How does that apply to us? For instance, where might we need to be saved from ourselves?

4.      Look back on your discussion above...

a.  Why does it take Faith to accept that Jesus came as a saviour?

b.   What is stopping people following Jesus today?

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