Weekly News 29th November 2015/ In The Space of a Few Days


IN THE SPACE OF A FEW DAYS! Sitting down to write there has just been a news flash. A Russian fighter has been downed by Turkey.

Earlier this morning the news was about the increased spending on UK defence.

Yesterday, in the wake of the horrors of Paris last week, a body bomb was found discarded.

And, Brussels is in lock down for the fourth day.

We could go on listing but that’s surely sufficient to remind us that our world is very unstable and our peace and peaceful coexistence is so fragile. What should be our Christian response?

Whatever our politics or views on defence, in our democracy of freely elected leaders we are called to pray for those leaders and the leaders of all countries engaged in these struggles. Pray that they will have wisdom and sound judgement in their decision making; that they will be guided to protect us and our way of life; and that they will find a path to defeat evil and restore a lasting peace.

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