22nd November 2015/ The Cast of Christmas


THE CAST OF CHRISTMAS! Next week is Advent, the start of our time of preparation for Christmas. To help us prepare, Jon left behind a short sermon series that he called “The Cast of Christmas.” We’ll look at the prophets, the shepherds, Mary and Joseph, the Magi and Jesus himself. That short cast list points us towards one of the purposes of Advent. Looking forward to the coming of Jesus.

The prophets flag up the failings of human kind and our helplessness without someone to rescue us, and then they promise a saviour to get us out of our mess. And, when Jesus comes from the very first lives are touched and changed. His presence is felt.

Let’s resolve to use the time of Advent well. As we approach this series try to imagine how one of the shepherds, or the Magi, might have described the impact of Jesus on their life. “Before I was.....then, suddenly, I was.....”

Or, better still, put yourself into the cast and describe how you would have felt had you been singled out.

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