Weekly News 2nd August 2015/ Second Chances


SECOND CHANCES There were some sensational failures in the news this week. A leading member of the Lords caught with drugs in messy circumstances. A vicar who was pocketing thousands of pounds of church fees. Spectacular falls from grace.

Most of our lives are not so prominent yet we are all subject to temptations to do stuff we would be ashamed of. Any of our lives can easily get in a mess.

In the Jonah story last week we discovered that even when we are in a mess...failures...distraught...depressed....at our wits end, God does not give up on us. Just as with Jonah, God is there with us. The essence of our Christian faith is that when we turn back to God he forgives and forgets. We have a clean slate and fresh start. Our God is the God of the second chance.

Let’s all hold on to that great truth as we hear today how Jonah used his second chance.

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