Weekly News 26th July 2015/ Green Light on the Beacon Centre


GREEN LIGHT ON THE BEACON CENTRE We finally received all three quotes in for the refurbishment of the Beacon Centre, and the PCC approved the instruction of Dan Prayag to oversee the work.

Dan owns Anthuriums in Coney Hall and works closely with a design team and a builder, who is also local. It’s great that the best proposal came from a team who are part of our community. Next week a detailed survey will be taking place, alongside initial CAD drawings, so that design concepts can really take off and there will be something for everyone to visualize.

We’ll keep you posted with as many updates as possible.

In the meantime, Dan has asked if we could pray for the speedy recovery of one of his daughters, Anna. She has been unwell and is at Great Ormond Street, with a condition that looks to involve a long process of recovery.

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