Weekly News 9th August 2015/ God with us in our Painful World


GOD WITH US IN OUR PAINFUL WORLD Sometimes something familiar somehow surprises us or touches us in a new or different way. Earlier last week numerous people commented on how they had appreciated the service last Sunday when we baptised a baby, welcomed her into God’s family, prayed for her and then heard from Mark about the next instalment of Jonah. An ordinary and familiar service seems to have touched us in a new way.

Since then we have been reminded in the news of the horrors, evil and complexities of our world. Hiroshima remembered, boat people in the Mediterranean, plane wreckage found in the ocean and transport disrupted in London. So much more too.

This leads us to think that it is the same God of peace and promise at Baptism that is with us in the chaos and disruption of life’s events. In those chaotic moments, when we witness or hear of evil in our world, we need to remember the God of the baptism service, who came to bring new life and peace into our chaotic, painful and sometimes evil world.

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