Weekly News 19th July 2015/ Keeping You Posted


KEEPING YOU POSTED Many of you will be aware that we are currently considering the different ways we share information and how we can keep improving our communication. A simple text message has an immediacy that can make it an effective way to give a reminder about something that’s taking place. As we continue to update the contact book, we’re inviting you to indicate whether this is a means by which you are happy to be notified. A draft of the Contact Book will be on the Welcomers’ table and we’re inviting you to:

  1.  Provide your mobile number if you haven’t so far, but are happy to do so and don’t mind receiving the occasional text
  2. If you have provided your mobile number, but would prefer NOT to receive any texts from St John’s, to place a cross next to your entry;
  3. If you are new and haven’t yet provided any contact details – to complete a new contact form and return it in the box provided.

Click here to download   Weekly News 19th July 2015

Click here to download   A5 Contact Book Form v2