Weekly News 15th February 2015/ The Season of Lent


THE SEASON OF LENT Once again, Lent is on the horizon.

As part of Southwark Diocese, we are annually invited to respond to Bishop Christopher’s ‘Lent Call’. He encourages us to support a set of projects around a theme, and last year the diocese was able to provide grants totaling £92,000. This year’s theme is ‘The smallest of Seeds’, from the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. The idea is that from the humblest of beginnings, mighty things can grow. We are invited to offer support for a selection of simple projects that might develop and have a significant impact on the lives of those they reach. These include PECAN, XLP in Southwark diocese and different projects in 2 dioceses in Zimbabwe.

More details of the projects can be found on the noticeboards, which are also a great fuel for our prayers. As we have done in the past, we will take a collection on Palm Sunday for the call, but their publicity mentions other ways in which people can contribute.

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