Weekly News 8th February 2015/ Developments Update


DEVELOPMENTS UPDATE We try to keep everyone abreast of the movement that takes place with the things we are currently pursuing. Information sometimes filters through the Home Groups, sometimes it’s given verbally or in the News Sheet, but we are aware that in periods of change communication is vital. If you are interested in forming a small buzz group to think about how we might enhance our communication, please let Jon know.

In the meantime, here are some headlines to pray about, and don’t hesitate to ask if there are any questions related to any of these:

  •  We have been consulting with different groups who use the Beacon Centre, inviting them to give feedback as to how they might redevelop the venue if they were given free rein. A brief has been passed to a professional designer who will be drawing up some proposals for us shortly.
  •  The PCCs of the three churches in West Wickham will be meeting with a facilitator, Stephen Hance (The Diocesan Canon Missioner), in March to discuss in more detail the possibilities and challenges surrounding closer integration of the churches.
  •  Our Team Leaders are meeting with Jon next week to assess progress.

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