Weekly News 22nd February 2015/ Politics and Christianity


Politics and Christianity Last week the bishops published a paper on key issues for us to think about in the run up to the election. Criticism followed. “Left Wing C of E”... “Stick to Religion”... “Cameron angry with C of E”.  Politicians felt that the church should keep out of politics.

We all know that Jesus upset the government of his day and was firmly on the side of the poor and marginalised and those suffering injustice but I felt miffed that the bishops seemed to have launched their paper so clumsily, so I prayed about it.

I was led to Isaiah ch1. Here God complains that his people have turned their back on him and should not expect favour until they “learn to do right, seek justice, encourage the oppressed, defend the fatherless and plead the cause of the widow.”

The issues the bishops address are enormous, and they have not made their case well, but the essential point is this. As long as politics includes responsibility for providing for the poor and marginalised, and for caring for the sick, the homeless and elderly people, then Christianity must make the voice of Jesus heard.

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