Weekly News 1st February 2015/ Link to Hope News


LINK TO HOPE NEWS  We’ve recently heard from Slavic that the car they use around Dancu is suffering from significant engine problems. The Inn of Love team want to continue delivering food, which is increasingly challenging in the snowy conditions.

Availability of quality parts, not to mention regulatory complications, means that it most likely that the team will purchase another vehicle, rather than attempt a repair. They are looking at a used 4 wheel drive Suzuki that can cope with the local terrain. With that in mind, our last donation as a church of £600 has gone towards this end. It really helps to keep us connected and inspired to the giving that we make to hear of how it helps out. So after the service there should be some pictures up on the screen to help you visualize how the contributions assist.

If you want to know more, then don’t hesitate to ask Milly for further details.

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