Weekly News 25th January 2015/ Passing on the Baton of Faith


PASSING ON THE BATON OF FAITH… One of our expressed priorities for the coming years was that we would take seriously the mandate to pass on the mantle of faith to the next generation. One of the ways we try and do that is through the groups we run to reach different ages. There are plenty of opportunities emerging to be involved with this work - either because a group is gaining momentum, or due to a long-standing volunteer rightly stepping away to refresh themselves.

To put it more starkly – there is a need for more help with our young people, particularly in the different clubs that connect within the 5-14 age range.

This isn’t the same as being part of our Children & Youth Team, which is there to shape overall vision for this work. This is more about hands on participation with our youth groups. There are different levels of involvement and vast experience with young people is not a pre-requisite. If you think you might be able to help, and are happy to express a possible interest, no matter how tentative, please let Jon know.

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