Weekly News 27th April 2014/ APCM Day


APCM DAY! AGMs might not have a reputation for being the hottest ticket in town.

However, we hope that conducting some of the necessary business associated with running the church doesn’t obscure the fact that we are taking stock of the ways God has been at work, and thinking about how we can grow in faithfulness to His call on us.

If you are unfamiliar with what happens, there will be some voting, a few appointments, consideration of our financial statements, a review of the year gone by, lots of thank yous, some thoughts about what lies ahead, space for people to ask questions and most importantly time to pray and worship.

If you’re here this morning as a newcomer and it’s not quite what you anticipated, we trust you’ll bear with us. There’s no guarantee that if you had come on a ‘normal’ Sunday it would have been quite what you were expecting(!), but today should give you a broad feel for what goes on in the life of St John’s.

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