Weekly News 20th April 2014/ Happy Easter


HAPPY EASTER …and a big welcome to St John’s as we celebrate the joy of Easter Sunday – the day of hope. There is a great resurrection quote that goes:

‘The tomb of Christ is famous for what it does not contain.’

St Paul doesn’t pull his punches when he talks about the central importance of the resurrection to the Christian faith:

‘And face it –if there is no resurrection for Christ, everything we have told you is smoke and mirrors, and everything you have staked your life on is smoke and mirrors.’ (The Message)

We often paint on too small a canvas when we try and capture the significance of Easter Sunday. Thankfully, it takes a whole lot more than the front of the News Sheet to capture all that God was doing. By the same token, one service together on a Sunday morning will only scratch the surface.

But we hope you get a taste this morning. We hope that whatever state you arrive in, you catch something of the joy, the promise, and the power of resurrection. And we hope it whets your appetite for more.

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