Weekly News 4th May 2014/ Mobilising for Mission


‘MOBILISING FOR MISSION’ Next week we begin a new 4 week series entitled ‘mobilising for mission’.

We will focus our attention on some of the priorities we identified under the perspectives of ‘Looking Up’, ‘Out’ and ‘In’, when we were forging our vision. A significant element will be the development of new team structures that aim to shape us to respond more effectively to the priorities we believe God has put before us. This will be a long work, which will draw together many strands of our vision. The church leadership hopes that it goes way beyond an organisational shuffle, but affects our discipleship and the way we engage in God’s mission.

An important launch pad for some of this work will take place on 18 May, when we will meet in the Assembly Rooms for a 10am start, and finish up with a ‘Bring & Share’ meal. We hope you can make it. If you are unable to do so for whatever reason, and you would like to receive a summary ‘catch-up’ after the weekend, then let Jon know.

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