Weekly News 24th November 2013/ All You Need is Love...



 The apostle Paul said something like this long before McCartney and Lennon!

Last week, as we surveyed 1 Corinthians 12, we discovered that we are called to belong to the one body of the church...worldwide and here at St John’s. Each and every one of us has a vital part to play with the gifts we have been given; no-one more important than another.

But...Paul goes on to say today, in chapter 13, that the most important characteristic for Christians is love. Notwithstanding all the exciting and varied gifts Paul speaks about, he is clear that the most excellent way is love, and if we don’t have that, the gifts count for nothing.

So, as we continue to explore the use of our gifts over the next weeks and months, what it means to ‘love one another’ will be at the forefront of our thinking. We start to explore that today.

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