Weekly News 17th November 2013/ Body Image



 We live in an image conscious age.

The appearance and state of our bodies is sometimes an unhealthy pre-occupation. This morning though, at our 10am service, we’ll be looking at body shape from a different perspective. In 1 Corinthians 12, the apostle Paul sets out a vision of God’s church as gifted by the Holy Spirit and he likens it to a body. Not just any old body, but the embodiment of Jesus.

In Christ’s body, as in fact with our own, there is something that runs much deeper than image. We’ll explore this together. As was hinted at in the Assembly Rooms a couple of weeks ago, this is just a small piece of bigger body work that we will be looking to partake in as a church over the coming years – identifying our gifts and encouraging each other to exercise them.

That’s probably flogged the body metaphor to within an inch of its life; but it’s exciting, because it’s really about people seeing Jesus at work.

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