Weekly News 1st December 2013/ 'Waiting' & 'Preparing'



I wonder which of those activities you prefer, waiting or preparing?

Culturally, there is a case to say we are more proficient at making preparations. This year I stumbled into a shop putting out the Christmas decorations before I had barely shaken the South Coast sand out of my summer trunks… it was the first week of September.

Waiting was clearly not high on their agenda. It’s also easy to confuse jumping the gun with being well prepared. The bible tells us that for everything there is a season; and to hasten ‘the time’ can lead to frenetic, out of joint lives.

Today is the start of advent. It’s not the klaxon sounding to charge around madly getting ready for Christmas. It’s an invitation to wait and dwell on exactly what it is we are getting ready for. 

Find ways to press pause this Advent. You might just discover that it’s the best form of preparation for the season.

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