Harvest Thanksgiving

A German guy known as Meister Eckhart is reputed to have said that if the only prayer you make is ‘Thank You’ that will suffice. Expressing gratitude is a healthy reminder that many of the things we enjoy in life do not come our way simply as the product of our own endeavours.

 We are dependent on others and God. 

 Thanksgiving also helps us to remind us that we are in this together, and our blessings, gifts and talents are to be shared out for the well-being of others. As we celebrate God’s goodness to us today, we will look to ‘pass it on’ by giving to the following two causes:   

 i) Christian Aid – for those who have been affected by Hurricane Irma;

 ii) Salvation Army in Bromley - tinned fish, meat and vegetables, as well as Fray Bentos pies and ravioli are much appreciated.