Nearly There...

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has responded to the plea for financial support for a Young People and Families Enabler. So far, 22 people have made pledges and I’m aware that there are still some outstanding

 Encouragingly, we also received confirmation this week that our application to the Diocese for a grant towards the post was approved. When we combine the pledges, with the 2 grants and significant gift we have received, we are close to having three quarters of the amount needed to employ someone for 3 years.

 That’s really heartening!

 We’re not quite there yet, and I’d love to see a greater proportion of the church family respond – even if it’s only the cost of a couple of coffees per month. It all helps, and offers reassurance that there is an emotional investment in this step, which will be critical. If you’re struggling to understand the vision for the post, then grab one of our leadership and find out a bit more.