Advent Assessment

Assuming you’re reading this on Sunday, then you’ve got 22 days left until Christmas Day. That’s 528 hours to squeeze in all that’s required to pull off the sort of Christmas that you, or perhaps more significantly, those around you are expecting. I don’t know whether that makes you breathe easy, or feel the pressure? Continue the same course, or draw up a new to-do list?

What if I said you’ve got 22 days until Jesus returns to this earth once more?

I wonder what steps you would take to put your ‘house in order’ for that particular date of destiny. Of course, I don’t know if Jesus is planning his comeback in 22 days’ time – it could be much longer, but it could be tomorrow. One of the points of advent is to remember the urgency Jesus attaches to being prepared; ensuring we don’t put off the things which will matter when that moment arrives. No small part of that will be the state of our relationships – firstly with our Maker, and then with the people around us.

How about putting relationship repairs at the top of your advent to-do list this year?