Firm Foundations

We have started our new teaching series surveying the main contours of the Old Testament. If it has raised questions that you wish to look into further, here are some resources that may help. You can borrow these from Jon, Geoff or Peter if you would like to, and of course feel free to ask if you would like to discuss anything.

A Scenic Route Through the Old Testament  -  Motyer
Book that sermon series is based on
All preachers and Home Group Leaders

How to read the Bible for all its worth  -  Fee & Stuart
Understanding the bible better
Geoff / Peter

Is God a Moral Monster? making sense of the OT God  -  Copan
Tackling some of the tricky moral questions some have with the OT

Joshua in 3D  -  Hawk
Good commentary on Joshua, with modern (USA) applications

Digging Deeper  -  Beynon & Sach
Understanding how one reads the Bible (tools)

The God I don't Understand  -  Wright
Reflections on tough questions

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