Weekly News 17th July 2016/ Welcome to the Goodman Family


WELCOME TO THE GOODMAN FAMILY We extend a really warm welcome to Katie & Chris, as they join with their family and friends to give thanks for their daughter Edith. It’s a natural thing to feel gratitude for the arrival of a child, but there is something special about expressing that thanks in public.

So, it’s great to have you with us today, and we hope that this will be a morning that you can look back on with much fondness.

We offer a Thanksgiving Service as an alternative to a baptism for different reasons. Some people wish to leave the possibility of baptism open, so that their child can make their own decision about it when they are old enough to weigh it for themselves. Others are clear that they wish to give thanks to God, but feel they are not yet in a place where they can make the full-blown promises of Christianity that are part of the baptism service. If you want to find out more yourself, don’t hesitate to ask one of our leaders.

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