Weekly News 29th May 2016/ Receive to Live Prophetically


RECEIVE TO LIVE PROPHETICALLY… As we continue with our Prophetic Living series it worth reminding ourselves of the simple but powerful reality that the gifts of the Holy Spirit come from a loving Father who delights in bestowing treasures on his children.

For those who tragically had a negative, even abusive experience of fatherhood, you may find comfort in the truth that Jesus never said God is like your Dad. Rather, he taught that God is like no other father that we’ve ever known.

He’s a good, good Father.

Resting in his fatherhood doesn’t always come naturally to us, but the Spirit wants to work in us, enabling us to cry ‘Abba’ and receive from God. In turn, we are pulled into the Father’s work, as we use His gifts to bless others and build up His family.

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