Weekly News 22nd May 2016/ Summer Action


SUMMER ACTION Contrary to meteorological indications, Summer is fast approaching. Here are a few of the things in the pipeline for the early part of July which you might want to tap into the diary:

Saturday 2 July – Official SJ’s Opening

We had a trial period to iron out teething problems and finish off building details, but this is the actual launch of SJ’s to the public. We’ll be publicizing to the community in advance and the SJ’s team will need all hands on deck to ready the place to open.

Friday 8 July to Sunday 10 July – Spree

A camping weekend for 8-15 year olds at Ardingly. A weekend full of a host of activities, music, BBQs, some great Christian teaching, a lot of sugar and very little sleep. We’ll be taking a crowd as usual, speak to Julie Lancaster, Dawn Tickner or Penny Seabrook for further details.

Sunday 17 July – Wardy Summer BBQ

The usual open house invitation to anyone who wants to come for a relaxed drink and bite to eat after the 10am service. More details to follow later.

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