Weekly News 13th March 2016/ Photo Shoot Weekend


PHOTO SHOOT WEEKEND You may have picked up that we are redesigning our website, as well as refreshing in the church building itself some of the ways we publicise who we are and what we do.

To that end, Jonny has been given license to wield his camera with wild abandon this coming Sunday in a bid to catch some shots of our church family. We would like a stock of pictures that we can draw on to convey the life of our church and make our website as personal to us as possible.

There will be a ‘photo booth’ after the service, which we’re encouraging as many people as possible to visit. It won’t be like having your passport photo taken – smiling is permitted, and there’ll be some props to introduce some fun. However, if you find yourself already lining up your excuses, don’t worry, we’re not going to strong arm you into it – you can still come along on Sunday and not end up on the Home Page of the website.

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