Weekly News 6th March 2016/ APCM Preparations


APCM PREPARATIONS An important part of our annual meeting is the election of people to different formal posts in our church. These include:


  • PCC Members 


    1. In a bid to keep refreshing our leadership, each year a third of the PCC members resign. Those who have resigned can stand for a second term. It means that there will be at least 4 positions available for the PCC. If you are interested in standing, and want to know more about what is involved, please enquire with Jon. There is also a Deanery Synod representative position available, which automatically entitles you to sit on the PCC.
  • Wardens


  1. Our existing wardens, Jonathan Tickner and Richard Cienciala, have agreed to stand for another year. However, we would like to think about succession now. Ideally, if there is someone who might contemplate taking over from Jonathan or Richard in 2017, we would like them to voice that as soon as possible, so we can acquaint them with some of what is involved in the latter part of this year. If you might be interested, please contact Jonathan or Richard.

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