Weekly News 31st May 2015/ Church Actually


CHURCH ACTUALLY ‘I love Jesus but struggle with the church’

 ‘Everything about the way we do church needs to change’

 ‘I’m so bored’

 I wonder if one of those thoughts, or something similar, has ever crossed your mind when thinking about the Church? It’s easy to take speak uncharitably about the Church. Its current position in our nation doesn’t always inspire confidence, but many recognise the local church as the hope of the world.

Which is a rather grand statement.

So is it true?

In this new sermon series, we’ll explore together what actually is the church and what is the church called to do. In simple terms, what is the church and what is it for? As we explore this God-shaped people movement, we trust God will speak into our local context, hone our identity and encourage us for the future.

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