Weekly News 24th May 2015/ 'If We Don't Teach our Children Who God Is, Someone Else Will Teach Them Everything That He's Not'


‘If we don’t teach our children who God is, someone else will teach them everything that He’s not.’ This is an eye-catching quote that I stumbled across this week.

It’s personally challenging when I think of my own family, but it also reminded me of something of which we can all be guilty – impressing on God (and others) our own intuitions of what He is like.

Which is why Pentecost is so important.

Of the many gifts that God bestows on us through the Holy Spirit, the most fundamental reality we receive is His self-disclosure. We occasionally run the risk of talking about the Spirit for the Spirit’s sake, which is to resist the Spirit’s own movement.

His primary activity is to open Christ out to us and open us out to Christ.

As we celebrate the birth of the church, let’s all come before God as children and ask him to impart Himself to us – that we may know Him better and be changed.

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