Weekly News 22nd March 2015/ Marking Easter


MARKING EASTER Maundy Thursday, 2nd April at St John’s, 8pm

This year we are hosting the joint Maundy Thursday service with our friends from Coney Hall Baptist Church. During the hour or so together we will remember how the Last Supper came about, how it fits into the history of God’s relationship with his chosen people down the years, as far back as Moses, and will see how it fits into our Christian worship today. In a gentle reflective setting, with a mix of modern songs and traditional hymns we will honour the command of Jesus to remember and give thanks.

The service will have sufficient story and action in it to engage children of school year 5 and above.

Good Friday, 10am Walk of Witness, beginning at St Mark’s & 11am, United Service @ St Francis

The usual March of Witness down the High Street, followed by a service at St Francis with separate activities for children aged 3-11 years.

Easter Sunday, 8am and 10am Communion Services

Marking Resurrection day at both of our morning services, the 10am gathering intended for all ages.

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