Weekly News 15th March 2015/ Archbishop uses the 'E' Word


ARCHBISHOP USES THE ‘E’ WORD You might not have caught it, but last week Justin Welby chose to use the inaugural Lambeth Lecture to focus on the third of the priorities he has announced since taking up his post – Evangelism.

Not mission, but evangelism.

That’s significant. Renewed interest in mission is great, but it’s used to describe so many things, it is in danger of being evacuated of specific meaning. The Archbishop deliberately chose the ‘e’ word to indicate the significance of ‘proclamation of the Good News’ – not by a select few professionals, but every single Christian.

His address is timely. For the church nationally, but equally for us here at St John’s. I have already been discussing with the Faith Sharing Team that this is an area in which we need to raise the temperature. As Justin Welby said, ‘the best decision anyone can ever make is to be a follower of Jesus Christ.’

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