Weekly News 11th January 2015/ New Sermon Series


NEW SERMON SERIES To start 2015, we’re diving into a new teaching series called ‘Difficult Questions’, the subjects of which are listed on the insert with this week’s News Sheet.

These aren’t topics simply for intellectual curiosity; some of the issues raised affect many of us personally.  Equally, we hope to tackle the whole series in such a way that it is as applied as possible, not least of all in helping us negotiate some of the tricky issues that those who are exploring faith, or are skeptical about Christianity, might throw our way.

First up is ‘How do I trust God when I see bad things happening to good people?’.

Nick will be speaking on this subject and if you want to do a bit of preparation for this in the coming week, he encourages you to delve into the first 3 chapters of Job.

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