Weekly News 21st & 28th December 2014/ Merry Christmas & A Blessed New Year


MERRY CHRISTMAS & A BLESSED NEW YEAR  This edition of our News Sheet covers the next few weeks. So depending on when you are reading this headline, there is every possibility that the greeting feels either a little premature, or a little late.

Whatever the timing, hopefully the sentiment behind it won’t be lost.

This is being written in the week leading up to Christmas – a time when you would hope for stories that warm your heart. Sadly, the news has been filled with headlines, which frankly shock afresh – revealing again humanity’s capacity for appalling acts of brutality, even towards the young. It has ever been thus. Part of the Nativity story that is often excised, tells of a threatened King committing infanticide.

Now, as always, we are in desperate need of the Light of the World to knock holes in the darkness. May you know His peace this season – God Bless.

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