Weekly News 10th August 2014/ Recovering Perspective


RECOVERING PERSPECTIVE… Whilst on holiday, I didn’t pick up a newspaper and rarely went near the ‘on’ button of my computer. The media sabbatical felt great; all part of having a good rest.

But it can mean the return to the fray is a bit of a shock to the system…watching the number by the inbox steadily rise as you download outstanding emails. There’s an itch to return to your holiday destination, if not feel a little post-holiday dip.

And then I returned to the newspapers.

And my tendency to self-pity quickly evaporated. Reading about the plight of our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq at this moment was a sobering corrective. I’m not knocking enjoying a good holiday, but it’s good to put it in context. If you haven’t read much about what is going on in Iraq at the moment, then can I encourage you to take some time to find out.

I hope it fires your prayers and puts things in perspective.

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