Weekly News 3rd August 2014/ Team Leaders Update


TEAM LEADERS UPDATE I wanted to say thank you to all of you who put forward nominations for leaders to the Teams that we are looking to develop and keep you up to speed with where it is headed. All the nominations were pulled together, and before I went away on holiday, it was a great joy of mine to contact individuals to let them know that the church had identified leadership qualities in them.

In order to make the process manageable, I only contacted those who received the weighting of the votes in any given team. However, it was great to see well over 40 different names appear on the voting sheets.

The possible nominees have been asked to think about whether they are prepared to put themselves forward for consideration by the PCC. The church’s leadership will then pray about the shortlist and vote to establish the final choice of team leaders. We will then engage in the process of inviting others to help populate those teams, and get on with the real work of God’s mission.

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