Weekly News 20th July 2014/ Alpha Course 30 September



Do you remember how this time last year we said there is an Alpha Course running virtually all the time – how somewhere around the globe, in homes, churches, halls, prisons and on patios people are exploring the big questions of life, faith and Christianity?

It’s that time again for us and we’re gearing up for our Alpha this Autumn. It will start on 30 September, so now is the time to start thinking about who you might wish to invite along. There are a few people who have already made enquiries.

In a relaxed, unpressured setting at Maureen and Nick’s home, there will be a meal, a short talk and some time for discussion in groups. At Alpha friendships are made and confidence is gained to ask those challenging questions. No subject is off limits.

If you have friends or family who have asked questions, or expressed skepticism, then think about inviting them along? Start praying now that people will hear about it and will have their curiosity piqued. See the website for more details, or speak to Jon, Nick or Maureen.

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