Weekly News 13th July 2014/ The Future of the Beacon Centre


THE FUTURE OF THE BEACON CENTRE A fair bit of our focus in the last few weeks has been on the nomination of leaders to the teams we are looking to develop. We don’t want you to be under the impression that the other topic, which was under discussion when we met in the Assembly Rooms, has fallen by the wayside.

The small group assigned to consider the future of the Beacon Centre has continued to meet and work through future possibilities. Included with this week’s News Sheet is a summary of where we currently stand and some things for you all to consider and provide feedback on. There is also a write-up of what a new look centre might feel like; this is not a blueprint of what the place will be, but simply a written sketch to spark the imagination.

The small group will continue to work up what different expressions of the centre might entail for us as a church – for our human resources, financially, legally, etc. We do know that this is a venture which will require broad support from the church in order to be a success. So can I encourage you to give it close attention and provide your prayerful thoughts. Thank you. Jon.

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