Weekly News 16th March 2014/ Dates for the Diary



After Lent and Easter, we will press on with some of the on-going development of the church’s vision. In this regard, a couple of dates worth noting in your diary are:

  •  Our  annual general meeting (APCM) on Sunday 27 April, 10am.

This is when we refresh our leadership team, reflect on the year gone, and engage in a bit of a stock take on our current position;

  •  On  Sunday 18 May, 10am we will meet in the Assembly Rooms.

On this date, we will focus on a new series called ‘Mobilising for Mission’.

The plan is to spotlight some of the work that is already going on around the parish, but significantly, roll out 2 important ventures: i) the process for developing different teams for our life and mission as a church; and ii) present the proposals for the redevelopment of the look and use of the Beacon Centre.

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