Weekly News 2nd March 2014/ World TB Day



 It may not be something that you’ve heard about, but 24 March 2014 is being billed as World TB Day.

Tuberculosis remains a significant global problem, with the disease still taking the lives of nearly 1.5 million each year, with 9 million new cases emerging each year. It is the second single biggest infectious killer worldwide, secondly only to HIV/AIDS, and yet is preventable, treatable and curable.

One of our church members, Sarah Morgan, is a trustee for a company called Target TB. It is one of only two UK based charities, who focus solely on the global TB epidemic, and who aim to re-write some of those sad statistics. In particular, their mission is to stop vulnerable people in Africa and Asia dying from TB by improving their access to information, care and support.

Sarah will provide us with some further information about their work during today’s service, and then we will take a collection for Target TB - we hope you can chip in. Thank you.

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