Weekly News 2nd February 2014/ What If...



Last week, Christine Blackburn, our Treasurer, gave us a snapshot of our current financial position and outlined the budget for 2014.

As with any church, we are dependent on the financial contributions of our members to run all that we think God is calling us to. At St John’s, we do not want your generosity to be motivated by shortfalls in a budget, but rather by the impulse to respond to God’s goodness and grace to us. Equally, we don’t want to shirk the reality of our financial position and what that means for us in terms of mission.

Based on current levels of giving, we anticipate there will be a notable shortfall in our budget. Christine helpfully presented a ‘what if’ scenario that went like this – if the people who make up our 83 ‘giving units’ were to give £1.50 extra per day, then with the help of gift aid, we could be facing a surplus to the tune of £40k. This would open up a whole world of opportunities, the possibility of employing a Children & Families Worker being just one of them.

Don’t let guilt drive you, but be excited at the ‘what if’ and the ways in which God might bless our response to Him.

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