Weekly News 26th January 2014/ Link to Hope in Moldova



 Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. It is landlocked with no natural resources - a country where two thirds live off less than £2.50 a day, many living below the international poverty line of 78 pence per day.

This is a community where:

“People have nothing,

Give everything,

Want nothing

But need everything.”

 Pastor Slavic and Bishop Dumitru from Dancu and Ciora will be speaking at an informal evening about how together with Link to Hope, a Christian charity, they work to support people and projects, with the vision of one day being independent.

Do come and join us

@ Holmshaw Farm, Layhams Road, Sunday, 2nd February

8pm tea/coffee & cakes, 8.15pm informal talk

For more details see Milly Johnson or Sue Watson

Look for the balloons at the end of the farm drive.


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