Weekly News 13th October 2013/ Talking About God Without Feeling Weird



 Is the subject we will be exploring together on Sunday 3 November.

Instead of our two usual morning services in church, we will meet in the Assembly Rooms at 10am in a similar manner to how we did back in March, followed by a bring-and-share lunch. There will be activities for the younger children, but like last time we want our teens to be in the thick of the table conversations.

The change of venue gives us a bit more flexibility, and is a good chance to get to know a few more people in the church in a relaxed environment.

Back to the subject matter – if you’ve ever felt awkward, embarrassed or reticent about sharing your faith with work colleagues, family or friends, then you’re not alone. We’re going to be honest about the good, the bad and the ugly of evangelism.


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